Mistakes You Should Avoid as a Guest Blogger

So you’ve decided to be a guest blogger. Whether you just want to write a couple guest blogs on one site or you want to establish long-term working relationships with a number of bloggers, it’s important to make a good impression, from your first inquiry to the final product.
Here are some typical guest blogger mistakes and how to avoid them:
We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Research
Where you want your blog posts to appear? If your answer is “anywhere” or “I don’t really care,” slow down, cowboy; you’re nowhere near ready to start sending those e-mails.
Do your research. Use keywords to find blogs that might be a good fit for your writing. Make a short list of your favorites. Don’t just read a post or two and then pitch your idea. Read enough to really have a good idea of the nature of the blog. Understand what makes this blogger different from the others you are pitching to. Take notes and keep records.
Also, check if you have any connections to the blogger. A personal connection can be a great way to get your foot in the door.
I’ll Decide What To Write Once I Get the Gig
You must have at least one idea ready before you write your pitch. Now that you’ve read your target blog: who are its readers? What topics have already been covered? What’s the feel of the blog? Casual or formal? Technical or conversational? Where can you fit in?
Flubbing The Pitch
If you start with “Dear Sir” or “To Whom It May Concern” or “Dear Blog Manager,” you might as well just toss your pitch in the trash folder and save yourself the trouble. Why should a blogger waste their time with someone who hasn’t even bothered to look up their name?
Like any pitch for writing, your note should be short and to the point. Do not wax elegant for paragraphs about the blogger’s prowess. This isn’t to say you can’t tell them you like and respect their work, but be specific (what do you like about their blog? Why?) and keep it relevant (how does your writing fit in?). In other words, this isn’t the place for a fangirl scream.
Finally, show them what you have to offer. “You’re blog is so awesome and I really would be so happy if you let me write a post and get some links in cuz I need linx bad” is not going to win you any friends. Make sure your spelling and grammar are 100% correct, and tailor the pitch to what you can offer the blogger. Include your blog idea and attach writing samples; just 2-3 of your best. Don’t even bring up links – save that for later.
Poor Execution and Delivery
Don’t get sloppy just because you’re in the home stretch. Write on the topic you’ve discussed, following all guidelines you’re given. Do your best work, keeping true to the style of the blog. Check other guest posts for byline format, links, and formatting; ask if you have questions. Finally, send your entry in on time, give yourself a congratulatory pat on the back, and start working on your next pitch.

How to Get More Guest Posts for Your Blog?

Guest posts mean free content and more time to enjoy yourself because somebody else writes the posts for you. Guest posts mean free promotion because when the author promote his or her post, it would be promotion for your website too since the post is located at your website. Guest posts means new friend since you can build good relationship with the author of the posts. Guest posts means new knowledge since the author may know something that you do not know yet. Due to many benefits of guest posts, you need to have one or more for your blog.

Yet, the question remain, How to Get More Guest Posts for Your Blog?

The reason why people post something on other website is mostly for exposure, reputation, and traffic. If you want people to post on your blog, you need to create blog that could give people big exposure, increase reputation, and increase traffic. You yourself need to make your blog has good reputation in online world. Of course, it would be hard work but it worth.
Many people hate rejection so they will only send proposal and queries to someone they sure accepting guest post. If you do not tell them that you are accepting guest post, how they will know about it? Of course, maybe the words are not “accept guest post” that sound cheap. You can use something more elegant but carry the meaning that you accept guest post. You can try something like “write for (your blog name)” or “say you own thought”. In addition, in your network or at forums, you can ask your people to post on your blog.
People hate to wait and they need information fast. Sending email just to ask guidelines is something that will waste their time. If you tell them that they can write for you, you need to inform them your guidelines. You had better put your guidelines on separate page and not in your homepage. Remember that your blog is not an article directory. Even article directories have their own guidelines page. About the guidelines, you need to make it helpful for you to screen good and bad post but do not make it too complicated for the author.
To attract people to write for you, promise them something that would be helpful for them. Allows them to put author bio with link and picture would be good offer. Tell them that you will twit the post or promote it on your social network would be great idea. Tell them that you will put the post on your newsletter is another idea. You can search more idea that will attract people to post on your blog.
You need to build good relationship with more and more people who have the same interest with you. Although they may not intend to guest post something today, in the future they may interest to post on your blog. Remember to be patience and be confidence. Something may not go perfect in the beginning but if you try hard, you will do a nice job.

Guest Blogs Quality? Quality!

Whether you are looking for blogs to publish your guest posts, or considering publishing a guest post that will link to another blog, you want to consider the quality of the other blog. So how do you decide what makes a “quality” blog?
Everyone has their own criteria for determining blog quality, but here are a few things you might want to consider:
  • First, what is your impression of the look and feel of the site? Is it attractively designed, or is it loaded with trashy ads?
  • You can do a whois check to learn a bit about when the domain name was originally registered, where it is hosted, who owns it, etc. Of course, if the registration is private you won’t get much info, but you can search at http://whois.com
  • Is the blog established? How long has it been in existence? Are there a lot of posts, or just a few?
  • When was the blog last updated? Has it been months, or are there posts dated in the last few days or weeks?
  • Are the posts well-written? Do they have a bunch of scraped, spun garbage, or are the posts coherent and written with proper grammar, spelling and punctuation?
  • What about PageRank? PageRank really doesn’t mean much these days, and it can be faked. If you care about PageRank, consider downloading a PR checker to verify the site’s PR. Or use a site such as http://www.validrank.info/
  • There are several toolbars you can install in your browser to get more information about the sites you visit. Choose one that will tell you what you want to know about the sites you visit.
Ultimately, quality is in the eye of the beholder. Do you like the site? Will you be comfortable linking to them or giving your content to them? Then work with them. If not, don’t.

How To Create Compelling Guest Blog Posts

Writer’s Block. You probably know it well, if you’ve been writing long. It lurks in the back of your mind, always out of sight but you know it’s there. You know it’s there because for two weeks you’ve been telling yourself it’s time to get started with guest blogging. You’ve been following a couple great bloggers for months, and you really want to pitch some ideas to them. But day after day, you sit in front of your computer screen and stare helplessly at the blank page.
Okay. It happens to the best of us. Even the most famous writers sometimes find themselves stymied. The important thing is to work through it. You can beat Writer’s Block. Anyone can. All it takes is resolution and hard work. Here’s a handy infographic with some tips and tricks that may help you, courtesy of Copyblogger and Blueglass. While not all its suggestions are applicable to guest blogging, it should be enough to get you started.
Call in the Calvary!
No man is an island, so why try to be? You can use other people’s ideas to help get you going on your writing. Soliciting ideas from readers can work particularly well, because they’ll often be excited when you take their suggestions. They’ll feel more deeply involved with your blog, and they’ll know you care about what they think. Make sure you let them know when you publish your guest blog, so they get to read it.
Note: “use other people’s ideas” does not mean plagiarize someone else’s blog. If you get an idea from someone else, give them credit – and build on it with your own thoughts and ideas. Don’t “spin” someone else’s blog post and market it as your own. It will make you no friends in the long run.
Write What You Already Know
Maybe you think MacBooks are a rip-off but Apple’s marketing campaign is brilliant. Or Trader Joes just stopped carrying enchilada sauce and you don’t know how you can go on without it. Think about the things that have gotten you going lately: news you’ve seen that you felt a connection to, or products you’ve tried that you like or hate.
Can’t think of anything? Try your own experiences, both good and bad. Let your readers inside your head. Blog about Writer’s Block, if that’s all you can think of.
Come Up With A Fun Title
A catchy title is sometimes half the battle. If you title your post, “What Superman Would Have to Say About Car Repair” you’ll probably start generating ideas pretty fast.
Get Out There
Life inspires art; art inspires life. Get out there and live. Do something fun. Plan a time to write, and a time to play. Both are important.
Just Do It: It’s More Than A Nike Slogan
With luck, one or more of these ideas will resound with you.
The most important thing, though, is to make yourself sit down and write. Even if you’re not inspired. Even if your writing seems to fall flat. Because at the end of the day, at least you’ll have something on the page, and at least that’s a step in the right direction.

Mom, Where Do Successful Blogs Come From?

“Well, honey, when a topic and a writer love each other very much
Many bloggers dream of being featured on the front page of Reddit and StumbleUpon, of having their blog posts go viral and ending up with tens of thousands of readers. It can happen – it does happen, but successful blogs don’t happen overnight. Getting your blog noticed takes both effort and persistence. And even a great deal of hard work won’t guarantee you your 10,000 readers. But your work will mean that you build your subscriber base from where it would otherwise be.
So what makes a successful blog? Well, let’s start with your writing. You probably have something to say, or why start a blog? Say it well, in the way that only you can. It’s best if you bring your own expertise and perspective to your writing. There is a lot of information available on the internet these days, and you don’t want to just be repeating things that have already been said. Read the work of bloggers you really admire, and notice what works and what doesn’t. Think about who your potential audience might be, and what you can offer them.
Your post should be well-written, and enjoyable to read. Check for spelling and grammatical errors. When you publish your post, make sure you’re proud of what you’re putting out there.
Now for the marketing. First off, let’s do a little SEO. There’s a lot of bad SEO out there: paragraphs littered with obvious keywords and phrases. No one reading your blog should instantly know what phrases you’re targeting. You need to think through what keywords and phrases people might search that are relevant to your topic. Use tools like Google Keyword Tool to find popular keywords relevant to your blog. Use these keywords: once in your header, once early in your text (first paragraph if possible), perhaps in a photo caption but again, keep it simple and natural. Go for quality writing first; keywords are a secondary concern.
Now that your post is up, it’s time to announce it to the world. Social media will help you here, as will having prominent “Subscribe” and “Share” buttons on your blog. Utilize your existing contacts, and move outward. For a quick overview of your social media options, see “Social Media for Cat Bloggers Explained.” You may also consider guest blogging to increase your exposure and reach a wider audience. (It will also give you a link back to your blog, which boosts your search engine results). If you can get your blog noticed by a social media influencer, well, they’re called influencers for a reason. They’ll drive more traffic to your blog, and if you’re very lucky, your blog may even end up on the front page of Delicious. Which means more traffic, more links, higher listing in search engine results and these effects multiply.
It’s a cycle. The more readers you get, the more new people you’re likely to draw in. Sometimes this can happen very suddenly, when it does happen. But don’t expect to hit top search rankings overnight. Do what you love doing, do it well, and enjoy the journey.

5 Rules For Every Good Blog To Follow

Let me speak about a blog’s design here. Certainly, content is a king, and the majority of bloggers worry about the content first of all. Being a blogger myself, I saw many blogs. Even too many, I think. And unfortunately, only a few of them were really pleasant to my eyes. I looked at them as a reader, not a pro bloggerfirst of all, and then tried to understand what was wrong to them. Interesting content and regular updates were present, but still…. Bingo! The problem was with a design.
A big number of bloggers use simple templates for their websites. It’s not bad of course, as some of these templates are really great, stylish, and user-friendly. But they don’t make your blog unique. And if there are a hundred of blogs on the Web that look the same with your own blog, this fact will not make your website special.
If you want your blog be recognizable and really good-looking, you should follow 5 design rules at least. Well, I’ll probably devote my next essay writing to this problem, but here I will explain them briefly for you to remember.
Blog Font
In case you’ve forgotten this fact, I remind you that your blog is not a book or a newspaper, that is why 10-12 points Times New Roman is not always a perfect variant for it. It’s never perfect actually! Readability service will thank you of course, because it was designed because of the websites which texts were difficult for visitors to read. As you know, it provides a larger font and narrower columns for texts to make them more readable.
So, don’t be afraid to use bigger fonts for your blog. It may look really nice and unusual, and your visitors will thank you for that.
Blog Color
Did you meet a blog on the Web that had a green background and a yellow text? I don’t remember its name (fortunately), but it looked really awful, guys! I bet it doesn’t have many readers, because it’s impossible to read it actually. So, always think of your blog colors.
Make them clean! A white background and a black text on it is always the best variant. You may use 1-2 additional colors to make an accent on particular areas of your blog and make it look unique. It’s very simple: keep your blog clear, and don’t frustrate your readers with muddy colors.
Blog Navigation
It’s clear that your blog has a navigation menu. Where did you put it? Please, don’t say that it’s not at the top of the blog, because this is the perfect and right place for it actually. Put it horizontally below your blog’s logo, because it’s the first thing your reader will see when he comes to your website.
This area is the easiest one to access. Moreover, most users expect to see a navigation at this place exactly. So, make it easier for them, don’t let them spend much time and efforts on searching for your content.
Blog Sidebar
Many arguments still can be met as for a place your sidebar should take. Some experts say it should go on the left side of the page, but others insist that it should be placed on right. But though these debates are being continued, simple logic helps us understand that a right hand sidebar would be more convenient to place. Why?
All people (well, the majority of them at least) read from left to right. And if a sidebar is on the left, it will distract them from finding a right line to continue reading. As you see, it’s simple. Put your sidebar to the right, if you make an accent on your blog’s content, and it will be more comfortable for your readers to perceive it.
Blog Images
No blog is impossible to imagine without images. And people like images! To avoid all those problems with copyrights, you can simply use free stock markets, such as Stock.XCHNG for example. Make your blog brighter, but don’t go TOO far, otherwise your blog will turn into scrap-heap.

Write For Us - Blog Guest Post Submission

Find Guest Bloggers for Your Website or Blog

Content is king in the age of Internet and social media marketing. Your customers want an uninterrupted supply of juicy and interesting posts, and the search engines have an insatiable appetite for current, SEO-optimized content. Fresh and relevant content is always in short supply. Guest blogging provides the solution. We are the content supermarket where you can get high quality, fresh and free guest posts for your website or blog.

What Guest Bloggers are Looking for

Guest bloggers are entrepreneurs and professionals usually looking to establish themselves as experts or credible voices in their own fields.  They have useful information to share with your audience. Most of them are flexible and would write on any topic. Guest bloggers don’t charge you anything; however, you’ll need to offer some value in return for their posts. Website owners usually provide that value by publishing a short bio of the guest author along with a link back to the domain of the author’s choice.

How to Get Guest Bloggers Interested

The factors that can influence your ability to woo good guest bloggers are as follows:

Traffic Count

Most guest bloggers would like their content to be distributed and read widely. If your website receives many hits, you have better chances of attracting better quality guest posts.

Social Media Following

Having a strong social media presence and a lot of following makes your website a favourite among guest bloggers. You can guarantee the guest bloggers that their posts will be transmitted to your followers via your social media channels.

Page Rank

PageRank is a number from 0 to 10, and depends upon the number of referral links leading to your website. Most guest bloggers would blog for websites that have a PageRank of 2 or more. The best way to improve your PageRank is to do some guest blogging yourself, and build links to your domain.

Website Layout

A professionally designed, easy to navigate website layout also helps you attract guest bloggers.

How to Attract High Quality Guest Posts

You can take the following steps to improve the quality and increase the number of guest posts that you receive for your website.
  • How to Use Post detailed and precise requirements, including preferred topics, word count, keywords, and other details
  • Draft your invitation professionally and make it free from errors and typos
  • State clearly how you would compensate the guest bloggers
  • Have a dedicated page with guidelines for guest blogging on your website
  • Reply guest bloggers’ emails promptly and establish a good rapport with them
  • Make an author page on your website and link the Google+ authorship link of all guest contributors to improve the SEO ranking of your website
It’s really simple. Just make a free account, post your requirements, and start receiving offers from guest bloggers right away.
You can also choose from tons of guest posts already available in our archives. Register free now and start receiving a steady supply of fresh and free content for your blog or website.

Mistakes You Should Avoid as a Guest Blogger

So you’ve decided to be a guest blogger. Whether you just want to write a couple guest blogs on one site or you want to establish long-t...