Guest Blogging Dos and Donts

Being a successful guest blogger is a good achievement that people want to experience now. Success cannot be gained within days. You need to be patient and keep up the good work. Marketing your blog is easy if you are a qualified guest blogger. Let people know your experience through the high quality content. Guest blogging gives many benefits. You can increase the traffic, brand awareness and get many backlinks. It can make your blog more trusted and valuable than before. However, you should avoid the fatal mistake. It can lead your blog blacklisted by the blog owner.
Check the dos and don’ts of guest blogging below:
Dos of Guest Blogging
  • Generate High Quality Content: The reader will consider you as a good blogger if you can provide the high quality content. You need to make hard efforts when you work on a certain topic. The blog is not always in the form of written words. You can give more pictures, videos and audios to make your readers more interested in viewing the contents day by day. The traffic and page rank on your blog is determined by the quality of the content.
  • Hot Topics: Even though you have a good ability to write the content with perfect language and arrangement of ideas, it is useless if the content is not about a hot topic. The old topic that people are less interested will be less popular among the subscribers. They prefer the topic that they are curious.  You can check the RSS feeds and some relevant news to find out the hot topic discussed by readers.  The readers will eager to read your fresh content.
  • Reread the Article before You Submit It: To prevent any disappointment in the future, you need to reread the content before you submit it on the post. Some bloggers have to be disappointed when their articles are rejected. You need to reread it to find any mistake and disorganization in the paragraph.
Don’ts of Guest Blogging
  • No Spamming: It is a bad attitude if you spam the guest post with your link. It is not relevant to link the guest post with your blog. You cannot do it or you will be rejected as a guest blogger in a certain web.  In most cases you can only link an author bio in the guest post content.
  • No Plagiarism: If you plagiarize or duplicate the content from other post in your guest blog, it shows your irresponsibility as a guest blogger. Plagiarism is forbidden. Your career as a guest blogger is over if your content is detected to copy other posts. You need to make unique contents that give the reader fresh information.
  • Don’t Use Complicated Language: You need to know your position as a guest blogger because you are a college professional. Use a simple language that all readers with various backgrounds can understand. The simple and daily language is appropriate.  Communicate your ideas politely to make your readers understand more about the content. To make the readers entertained when reading the whole sections in the post, you can add a sense of humor. It can make your readers view the blog that you write every day.

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